In praise of WCI’s FREE 3 day mini-educational forum, August 17th-19th!

Nothing of course can replace the annual WCI conference but Steve, Jim and the rest of the WCI crew have done an amazing job creating something delicious to whet our appetite until we can all break bread together, live and in person, next year – and I am very proud to be a part of it!

  • Have recent developments strained your budget; made you disinclined to travel, stay in a hotel, etc. – but -- you still need continuing education credits? Thanks to our amazing sponsors: this year’s innovative virtual WCI is brought to you free of charge!
  • There will be a great opening session; opportunities to bid on excellent prizes in the "Give Kids The World" auction; LIVE surgery again, multistate presentations you can attend – – or not; five hours of ethics for adjusters, and more!
  • I've saved the best for last (full disclosure: I'm highly biased); as originator and cochair of the National Workers’ Compensation Review, along with my cochairs Bill Pipkin and Jim Anderson, we are honored that WCI chose The Review to provide not one but two presentations, having winnowed the 10 originally scheduled down to the two most timely messages for here and now.
    • First, we are extremely gratified to present the world premiere of the newly revised digital, real-time AMA guides -- with a panel including a representative of the American Medical Association! They also touch on the COVID-19 implications vis-à-vis lingering impairment and include DSM-5 assessment tools!  Claims, medical and legal folks won’t want miss this: Tuesday, August 18 at 1:15 - 2:15.
    • Our second presentation follows, on Tuesday, after a break: a serious and provocative analysis of burgeoning "presumption" statutes: have they gone too far; are they working; are some state approaches more sound than others, and where do we draw the line on who -- and how much to presume?! The COVID-19 crisis has brought these issues to the forefront.  All presumption impacted stakeholders will want to attend: Tuesday, August 18, 2:30 PM-3:30 PM.

Here is the link for you to examine the full agenda: Click Here
Here is the link for you to register: Click Here
Our National Worker's Compensation Review, now in its 13th year, could not function without the extraordinary talents of our NWCR Advisory Board including;

  • Chris Brigham, MD, MMS, FACOEM, FIAIME; a true thought leader on human potential and dis/ability. He is the Editor of the AMA Guides Newsletter and Casebook, and Senior Contributing Editor for the AMA Guides, Sixth Edition;
  • Steve Tipton, renowned defense attorney from Austin Texas
  • Jennifer Morris Jones, rising star defense attorney from Raleigh North Carolina
  • William Zachary, current Board member California State Compensation Insurance Fund and former Senior Fellow Sedgwick Institute, San Carlos California
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