LET’S ALL – the whole WC industry -- give thanks where thanks are due. On behalf of the NWCR I proclaim our deepest appreciation to WCI and the flesh and blood humans behind it for putting on a heck of a show under the most trying circumstances short of a cat 5 storm!

As I mentioned in promoting WCIvirtual - remarkably free of cost but crammed with CE hours – our NWCR was privileged to produce two of its primary substantive presentations in the necessarily curtailed 2020 program, and we too rose to the challenge: our groundbreaking AMA program and exquisitely timed Presumption panel received rave reviews: both were written up as lead Top Stories in the country in workcompcentral® on Wednesday.

We could not develop and deliver our rich program without the phenomenal panelists we were blessed to have assembled, along with my co-chairs Bill Pipkin and Jim Anderson, supported by our esteemed NCWR Board of Advisors, Dr. Christopher R. Brigham, William Zachry, Jennifer Morris Jones and Steve Tipton.

See you all in 2021!

H. George Kagan
Co-chair, NWCR

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