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An H.G. Kagan (Minor) Landmark Alert

CAN’T TOUCH THIS! JCC has no jurisdiction to affect a §440.211 collective bargaining agreement arbitration determination in any way (language of later-added 440.1926 notwithstanding). Claimant’s efforts/JCC’s Order changing the status quo: thwarted! (Hence the ‘minor’ Landmark designation).  SIMS CRANE & EQUIPMENT CO., and BRIDGEFIELD EMPLOYERS INSURANCE COMPANY v. ALEJANDRO PRECIADO, 1st DCA Case No. 1D21-2661, 10/12/22 Holding in a nutshell:Injured …

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END OF ‘IRREGULAR WORKPLACE LOCATION’ AND ‘SOME EMPLOYER EQUIPMENT IN THE CAR’ EXCEPTIONS TO ‘GOING AND COMING’ RULE DSK GROUP, INC., and ZURICH AMERICAN INSURANCE COMPANY v. HERNANDEZ, April 27, 2022, Case No. 1D19-2632 Claimant’s counsel: Kimberly A. HillE/C counsel: H. George Kagan  Issue. Whether §440.092(2) ‘going or coming’ exclusion precludes compensability of injury “going” …


HGK Landmark Alert 2-28-2022

Court drops the other shoe on extremely close “arising out of” cases, paired with the 2/16/22 Silberberg v PBCSB decision;  Fall at work with zero material work contribution But also, zero worker contribution, equals… Compensable! “Clumsiness is covered.” Note: Though general applicability of these two cases is limited by their very narrow facts, they justify …

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HGK Semi-Landmark Alert

HGK Semi-Landmark AlertCategory of alert: New case affords important refresher course   Subject: Independent contractor injury during argued “construction industry” activity: statutory employee or not?The devil is in the details. Cabrera v. Kablelink Communications, LLC, 1D20-736, 2021 WL 4592086 (Fla. 1st DCA Oct. 6, 2021) [was to become final 10/21/21 but Claimant filed motion for …

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New HGK Case Law Notes

Opinion published: one of two pending appeals stemming from the same catastrophic injury claim, this one dealing with extraordinary procedure Claimant invoked toward obtaining alternative appellate relief. This case – and the Court’s opinion – is mainly about tactics and procedure. SALATIEL VELAZQUEZ HERNANDEZ, Petitioner, v. J. STERLING QUALITY ROOFING, INC., d/b/a STERLING ROOFING/SUMMIT, Respondent. …

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